Fujifilm develops innovative projector featuring high-performance FUJINON lens

Category: News Post Date: September 11, 2018

Fujifilm develops innovative projector featuring high-performance FUJINON lens

  • World’s first projector with rotating lens for multi-directional image projection and easy switchover between vertical and horizontal display
  • Projecting bright images to a 100-inch screen from a close distance of just 75cm
  • Fujifilm enters the projector business by tapping into its cutting-edge optical technology

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has developed the world’s first* innovative projector equipped with high-performance, rotating FUJINON lens to project images in various directions without moving the main unit. The company will release this product in 2019 and newly enter into the projector market.

The new projector features the world’s first “two-axial rotatable lens,” newly designed with FUJINON lenses’ cutting-edge optical technology. The lens can face up, down, front, rear, left and right to project images in various directions without having to move the main unit. This means it can project images not only on a wall or screen but also on the ceiling and floor, and can easily switch between vertical and horizontal display. Furthermore, the use of ultra-short throw lens and laser light source makes it possible to project bright and clear images on a 100-inch screen from a distance of just 75cm**. The device can be placed horizontally or vertically according to users’ environment. Pursuing sophisticated product design, it features beautifully rounded corners and a compact body that turns into a box shape when the lens is folded in.

The new Fujifilm projector will be a perfect choice for large-scale digital signage at stores or spatial design projection at art galleries / museums, where installation space is limited, or for image projection on ceiling / floor to make effective use of available space.

Today, projectors are used in a wide variety of situations including theaters, offices and educational institutions. More recently, demand for projectors has increased due to their applications for digital signage at commercial facilities or design projection at art galleries / museums. This has increased the needs for projectors to use them for effective advertising in limited space, and spatial presentation using walls and ceilings.

Fujifilm has been working on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of industrial optical devices including optical components of office equipment and projectors, in addition to a wide range of FUJINON lenses including 4K/8K compatible broadcast lenses, high-performance cine lenses and interchangeable lenses for mirrorless digital cameras. Tapping into its advanced optical design technology, accumulated through the development of such optical devices, Fujifilm has developed a projector that meets the current market needs.

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